Entering Exchange 2010 Product Key After installation

I had to install Exchange 2010 on a 120day trial for a client recently.  The planned weekend for the down time had arrived but the new partner licenses had not.  No bother I thought, it will be easy to enter the Exchange 2010 license when it arrives as the new ‘change your license key anytime’ feature in Server 2008 is great.

Not so in Exchange 2010.  What you get when running on a trial key is a pop-up box every time you open the Exchange Management Console.

Exchnage 2010 unlicensed server alert

It informs you to enter your new license in the “Exchange server work centre action pane” but where on earth is that?

Exchange 2010 Enter Product Key

From the Exchange 2010 Management Console.

  1. Expand Microsoft Exchange
  2. Select ‘Server Configuration’
  3. Select the unlicensed Exchange 2010 server and right click.
  4. Finally select ‘Enter Product Key…’ to start the license wizard.

Exchange 2010 Product Key Successful

Once you’re all done you should get the success message.  Simply restart the Information Store service or restart the machine with any necessary Windows Updates.


The preferred way of doing anything now in the majority of Microsoft’s server products is with PowerShell 2.0.  Exchange 2010 is no exception.  The confirmation screen of the wizard nicely displays the PowerShell command executed; here it is repeated with a dummy product key for completeness.

Set-ExchangeServer -Identity yourserver -ProductKey ABC12-DEF34-GHI56-JKL78-MNO90
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