About Niall

I’m a developer using the Microsoft stack of tools and patters, Visual Studio, .Net and SQL Server. My main interest is working with data.  I always thought I would enjoy building applications that people valued until I discovered I loved working with the data that powers great systems even more.

My computing interests are not limited to pure data and programming.  Keeping up with technology fascinates me and I try to learn something new every day; even if it’s not directly related to my profession.  I’ve been a part time or accidental System Administrator, DBA, hardware procure and network manager at times.  I even cabled part of my house with Ethernet cable to learn more about networking.

I’ve worked for some great companies in the North East of England in a verity of industries including services to the licensed trade, bespoke software engineering and oil & gas project management.  I have also been lucky enough to experience the ups and downs of startup life in the emerging digital comic book industry as well as work for a period of time in Holland and the USA.

I started this blog as a means to give back to the technology community and help others where I have been stuck before.  From some of the comments I get I’m pleased to see I have assisted others with some fairly tricky computing issues.