About Niall

About me, 10 years later…

One thing has stayed the same, the purpose of this blog to give back to others and hopefully help people where I have struggled before. It’s nice to see some posts do get positive feedback.

About me then, older yes, wiser, hopefully!

My primary experience (and source for most blog posts) is now in engineering data management across the energy sector. I’ve been lucky enough to work on really amazing oil & gas engineering projects in the USA, Europe and UK, both on and offshore (even taking an offshore survival in Spanish) which has been a real privilege to travel so extensively.

Newer challenges involve the move into renewable energy: Wind, Solar, Energy from Waste / BioFules. Helping clients with reduced budgets get the most out of computing systems and IT governance making the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ground we live on cleaner every day.

Technology, computers, and the Internet still makeup a big part of my day and a huge part of life, but it’s less doing and more guidance now. I still have Visual Studio and VS Code installed as well a range of PowerShell modules so development isn’t lost on me, I just don’t get to do as much as I used to.

As part of being a data management professional I have recovered from two ransomware attacks thanks to solid backups, really, test your backups! Security is also something I spend an increasingly important amount of time on and something that really interests me despite the often overwhelming number of threats we face in the digital world today.

Thankfully being older has allowed me to understand how to unplug on the weekends. Sometimes I can leave my phone on the side, untouched all weekend, not a single email read! I still enjoy my cars and driving, just don’t post here about them. In ten years my waist size hasn’t moved despite my diet and appetite being much the same as my mid-twenties. I am increasingly conscious of the importance of strength and flexibility conditioning as I get older.

I never wanted to force myself to put out ‘X’ amount of content, especially if it lowered the quality. I always wanted to keep my postings to things I felt deserved a topic or angle not covered elsewhere, a vein in which I shall continue.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, Niall