Excellent service at Profile Automotive

I had to get our Focus ST serviced and put through its first MOT, where else to take it but the north of England’s premier tuner, http://www.profile-automotive.co.uk

I had been expecting to have to mooch round the Trafford Centre shopping arcades but Gary, the owner, very kindly offered me a desk, chair and internet access while the work was being done.

All the staff are very welcoming and did a great job on the service, if you’ve got an ST and live in the north it’s a no brainer to have all its work done here.  If I didn’t have a turbulent time ahead I would have been getting my ST fettled as Profile offer some very nice tuning upgrades.

Gary was also very happy to let me take their demo Focus ST out, fitted with their Wolf 295 pack, it certainly goes as well as it looks!

CodeRed: Focus ST

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