Ford automatic door locking via Forscan (MK3 Focus)

Enable automatic door locking via Forscan on Ford vehicles

If you want to enable automatic door locking when setting off on your Ford then I have written up the steps required from my own experience.

This is mostly so I can refer here in the future if I need to re-enable it.
Personally I find lists of steps better than a video where you have to go at the speed of the person making the video rather than quickly scanning down the list.

Tested on a UK spec vehicle. (MK 3 Focus & MK 7 Fiesta)

We all make our own choices. Make sure yours are the right ones for you

You will need

Make sure Forscan is installed, setup (not demo mode) and you have a license.

The process

  1. Turn the vehicle ignition ON (do not start, foot off clutch)
  2. Connect to the vehicle, wait for all the modules to be read
  3. Click “configuration and programming” (6 down)
  4. Select “BCMii Central Configuration (main)”
  5. Click play (bottom left)
  6. Read and understand the warning
  7. Click “OK”
  8. Wait for the process to run, turn ignition off when requested
  9. Change “mode” from “normal” to “engineering 1” (top left)
  10. Make a backup of the current settings by clicking “Save” button (bottom toolbar)
  11. Select “Automatic locking by speed” from the list of options
  12. Click “edit selected” button (bottom toolbar)
  13. In the pop-up select “02 – Automatic Locking”, then confirm with the tick
  14. Click “Write” button (bottom toolbar)
  15. Confirm the pop-up with the tick
  16. Follow the prompt to turn the ignition back on
  17. Read and understand the warning again
  18. Click “OK”
  19. “Block(s) programmed successfully” should be displayed along with a message to cycle ignition. Do this then click “OK”
  20. Stop Forscan by clicking the stop button (bottom toolbar)

Clear DTC fault codes

Due to the way the update is processed and written to the car BCM you will get a number of fault codes shown.  These can be cleared using Forscan

  • Enter DTC
  • Select Module with code
  • At the bottom, 2nd from the left click “Reset DTC”, confirm “Yes” on pop-up
  • Follow on screen instructions to cycle the ignition

First Time Setup

  • Go to download & install
  • Once installed go to settings, uncheck “demo mode”
  • Register on the forum
  • Register for the 2 month free extended license
  • Better yet, support the development buy a full license from download page
  • Follow the steps from the forum to copy the hardware id from your installed version of Forscan into the request on the Forscan forum extended license generator
  • One you have the license import it and start forscan for the first time, follow the instructions given for the setup of switch positions on the ELM327 lead / odblink and the ignition
  • Forscan will look at your vehicle and detect the settings, modules and any system faults.
  • Once setup is complete you are free to perform your chosen update / modification

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