Repair, not replace – Herman Miller Aeron

I think the level of disposability in modern lifestyles is a genuinely sad thing. Driven on no doubt by globalisation and consumerism. Thankfully there are still a few areas where one can repair a product to further extend it’s useful working life, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is one such item.

Released in 1994, I got mine as part of a deal with my second job after university in 2008 making it at least 14 years old today in 2022, if not older.

Good going for anything you might use every day!


Thankfully you can get almost any part of the Herman Miller Aeron chair as replacements. The issue is getting them during a global pandemic. Given the ubiquitous desire for the chair in premium offices there are many official in country dealers around the world.

There are also great 3rd party suppliers who make replacement parts too. I went with a US supplier specifically because they offered new seat replacements, without the hassle of trying to install the mesh yourself.

They also had stock available and via their eBay store made the process of paying the duty to the UK one click

Installation of the new seat was pretty straightforward if you have a basic toolset / spanner / socket set. I do love the fact you can quite quickly and easily disassemble the Herman Miller Aeron chair if you need to.

Genuinely, you can barely tell the new seat vs the old. Testament to the original quality the colour has not bleached in the chair frame, cushioning or mesh.


I’m fully confident in another decade of very comfortable seating!

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