Back to the UK for SQLBits

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So after a fun time in Boulder Colorado, USA I’m heading home to the UK again.  Just in time too as I thought I was going to miss the largest SQL server conference in Europe, SQLBits.

I’m really pleased that SQLBits is being held in York this year which is ridiculously close to where I live that it would be stupid not to go.  I’ve also been thinking that even if it were to be held in London for example and I’d need to get a hotel the cost as a professional developer is worth it for my career learning as well as a valuable networking and social event for computing folks.

Check out the SQLBits website for full details but it breaks down like this:

  • Thursday – Pre-Conference day with 8 specialist seminars
  • Friday – 7 Wonders of SQL deep dive sessions
  • Saturday – Community conference day

The best is that on the Saturday, the community day, the day is free so there is no reason not to go.

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