Hello world!

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who remarked that what I do for a living was actually interesting.  They suggested I should consider having a blog to share my experiences with others who work in the IT industry programming, fixing hardware, writing requirement documents and working long hours into the night powered by confectionary, caffeine and the desire to create great things.

Having worked in IT since I graduated from Teesside University I’ve worked in a variety of small companies to large enterprise.  I’ve dealt with products as varied as industrial chemicals, beer & licensed trade, sport and digital publications.  I’m constantly impressed how the use of technology and computing affects every aspect of our lives and how lucky I am to be able to convert cool ideas into amazing products and services.  

So with thanks to Tom Howsam for hosting this blog and getting me going with WordPress.  I’ll be recording interesting (to me at least) events within my computing life that I hope people will find interesting and helpful.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to point people back here as a handy reference so I can save my keystrokes (see link for  Scott Hanselmans details on limited keystrokes)

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